Friday, January 4, 2013


Jack squinted, straining to make out his surroundings in the darkness. He extended an arm, groping blindly for a wall or, at the very least, something solid to guide his steps.

"Hey, Chris! Bring that light over here - I can't see squat."

"Alright, alright" Chris grumbled, rounding a corner and briefly blinding Jack with the beam of his flashlight.

"What the hell is this place anyway?" Jack asked, raising an arm to shield his eyes. The dazzling effect of the light was enhanced by the thick cloud of dust that hung in the air around them.

"Don't you know? Haven't you ever seen an abandoned blog before, Jack?"

"I have - but never up close. How long do you think this one's been left empty?"

"Oh, I dunno," Chris replied while glancing around. "Gotta be about a year, I'd suspect. Maybe more."

"A year!" Jack spun around, wide-eyed. He kicked at the thick layer of dust on the floor. "No way this has only been empty for a year!"

Chris grinned. "A year in real time - but you've got to remember that blogs work on internet time. A year in real life is basically a couple of decades in a place like this."

"Huh." Jack paused for a moment, seemingly lost in thought. "Any way to tell what kind of a blog it was? Or maybe who it belonged to?"

"Well, from what I can see of the content it looks like it was a review blog. Music, a couple movies. Let's see, unh." Chris grunted as he peeled an old, wrinkled post off of a wall. "Looks like they were in the middle of some kind of list when the boss went missing."

"Weird, any name on that or anything?"

"Yeah, there is - looks like 'S - c - h...'"

"What? What is it? What's wrong Chris?"

"This. This is my blog."

I'm back.


Content will resume as of Monday. By resume, I don't mean that the "Quarter Century" list will continue. No, that ran out of steam quickly and I'd prefer to just start fresh here. So, what's coming?

Here's the deal. I've had it pointed out to me that I tend to collect movies on my shelf faster than I can watch them (damn you, bargain bins!). A shameful number still sit on my shelf in their factory sealed packaging. I've made something of a New Year's resolution to change that. Therefore, the journey that we will take is one of bite-size reviews of everything from the front of my personal library straight through to the end; A to Z. Or rather, '(' to Y in my case. I'll also document any theatrical releases or Netflix viewings that will temporarily sidetrack us.

With that said, see you Monday!

P.S. Betting on how long this series will last closes on Sunday at 9 PM Eastern. Good luck!

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